Definition of principle

1a: a comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption (1): a rule or code of conduct(2): habitual devotion to right principles, a man of principle

All of the principle definition, the one thing that applies to this episode is a habitual devotion to right principles. It is something I strive to include in my daily life to be a woman of principle. I believe in developing habits to give our lives more direction. If we don’t direct our brain to what we want to achieve today, most likely we will just live our lives aimlessly. We are a creature of habits.

Changing Your Normal By James Clear

The results you enjoy on your best day are typically a reflection of how you spend your normal day. Everyone gets obsessed with achieving their very best day—pulling the best score on their test, running their fastest race ever, making the most sales in the department. I say forget that stuff.

Just improve your normal day and the results will take care of themselves. We naturally make long-term changes in our lives by slowly and slightly adjusting our normal everyday habits and behaviors.

James Clear


Developed A Grateful Heart.

Many or some of us don’t even take the time to thank God for being alive today. Even amidst COVID-19, we still have to develop a grateful heart. When you wake-up in the morning and your heart is beating, and you see your loved ones alive & well. That is something to be grateful for. We can thank God for the sun that shines upon us, and we don’t even have to make it happened. It just does what it is designed to do.

I used to think, only then, I will give thanks when and if I have enough money or achieved my dreams, but that kind of mindset led me to be unappreciative. Gratitude is a practice we can develop even if we haven’t seen our dreams and goals come true. A grateful person personifies beauty that exudes humility. In everything we give thanks!


Take One Day At A Time.

We can’t live in the past, we can’t live in the future, but we can only live today. Today’s problem is sufficient enough. Although, we still need to have plans and goals for the future. Just take it one day at a time. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by what’s in store for me in the future. However, I’ve learned not to get caught up in the destination but enjoy the journey. Worrying about tomorrow that I have no control of is a waste of time. So, focus on what you can do for today.

We can fully engage in our task at hand if we give it our all. If you are a parent or a mother, have you noticed your little son or daughter engaging in one activity but not worrying about what’s going around them? My son is seven years old, and I sometimes observed him on how he plays on his tablet. He is fully present in what he is doing. His attention is not divided, worried, or even hurried because he is enjoying the moment.



Find something to laugh about. My son and I love to watch funny videos on the YouTube channel. We both giggle and enjoy watching the darnest things little children say. Laughter decreases our stress level, so I encourage you to find something to laugh about. Laughter can lighten up the room as well as your mood. Try not to take yourself too seriously. I used to take things too seriously until I have realized that life is too short. Find something to laugh about.

 "A joyful heart is a good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." 
- Proverbs 17:22 


Say, “I love you.”

Practice saying I love you to your spouse and children as often as you can. Isn’t funny how easy it is to say “I love you,” on a text message, but rather hard to verbalize on a personal level. I know because I do the same thing. I love you is not that hard to say but most of us don’t say it enough. I see how my son’s face lights up whenever I say, “I love you to him.” It isn’t only in saying it but how we say that we truly let the other person that we love them so.


The Magic Of Touch.

Take time to hug and kiss your spouse and children. We must intentionally embrace our spouses and children tightly because we are not promised about tomorrow. We may have them today, but lose them tomorrow. So take the time to extend your hugs and kisses to your loved ones. Death is inevitable so make it appoint today to let your loved ones know that you love them. Don’t you find it comforting when a friend or a close family member console you by embracing you and gently stroking your back? Sometimes, when my son gets upset, I do this to show that everything will be okay.


Don’t Take Matters Into Your Hands.

This principle is hard because as human nature, we like to avenge ourselves. We like to take matters into our hands by taking revenge on the people who have hurt us. But let me remind you, God records every bad and good thing that has been done to you. Let Him be your vindicator. God is a God of justice. Jesus said, “bless those who persecute you. Bless, and do not curse. Pray for your enemies, and for the people who have in spitefully use and abuse you.” Many years ago, I have endured abused and mistreatment from people, and I see how God had avenged me. Not that I prayed for my enemies to get sick. But I knew God had dealt with the person who had hurt me because he suffered a heart attack. Just remember, God sees and knows it all. Nothing is hidden in the sight of God.


Drink Plenty of Water.

Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%

Staying hydrated is essential especially when you live in the desert-like myself. We don’t retain water as much. I have developed the habit of drinking water in my college years. I would set the alarm on my cellphone every hour to remind myself to drink water which eventually became a habit. Drinking water now is like second nature. I don’t even have to think about it. To add flavor to your water, you can add a squeeze of lemon.


Clean/Organize Your Space.

I don’t always organize or clean my place, but I allocate a specific day for clean up. Mines are Tuesdays and Thursdays. A space free of clutter is pleasant to the eyes. It is easier to work around the area if your surroundings are well-kept, tidy, and organized. Each thing should have a designated assigned location so that we don’t misplace our things, and it’ll just be easier to find it. Next to my desk is a cute basket where I place some of the things I need and I would just put it back to where it belongs after use. Take the time to pick-up your socks and shoes that are laying on the floor and placed them back to where it belongs. Organizing and keeping your place tidy doesn’t have to be complicated. Clean as you go.


Deal With Your Past.

Resentment and an unforgiving spirit can stunt your growth in becoming the person that God would intend for you to become. Resentment and an unforgiveness can turn into anger or rage. I used to be in this constant rage that sabotaged my happiness. I used to wallow in self-pity and felt the emotions of highs and lows. I lived in shame, guilt, and insecurities. But then I came to a realization that I didn’t want to live this way that I had to face the truth. The truth will set you free indeed. The moment I admittedly acknowledged that I have underlying issues of anger and rage that’s when I began to look internally. My rage was due to the traumatic experiences I’ve experienced in my teenage years that I know I had to deal with. God healed my deepest cut. I remembered one night laying in bed just crying hysterically as I recall the bad memories and bad events that occurred in my life. The process was painful but necessary for my freedom. God had prompted me to release the unforgiving spirit I’ve been carrying in my heart and offer forgiveness to those who have hurt me. But I still have to set-up up healthy boundaries. We offer forgiveness, but it doesn’t mean we let those people back into our lives again. At the cross, Jesus’ offered forgiveness, but when He resurrected from the grave, He didn’t find those people who placed Him on that cross. He kept his distance. In the same way, forgiveness is setting ourselves free from the poison we have been taken.



Pray Always.

Prayer doesn’t need to be a long-winded prayer that takes hours. Prayer is a communication to God. Communicate with God just like a friend. I constantly pray throughout the day. Even when I am cooking, washing the dishes, or walking outside. Phrases like “thank you God, help me God or I bless your name,” are prayers too. As a matter of fact, God wants us to incorporate and get Him involved in our daily activities either in untrivial or insignificant matters.


Read God’s Word.

Jesus said, “We can’t live by bread alone but by the Word of God that proceeds out of His mouth.” Our spiritual food is the Word of God. If we feed our physical body breakfast, lunch, and dinner, our spiritual body also must be fed. According to the Psalmists, the word of God is a lamp unto our feet and a light onto our path. It also is a medicine to our bones and health to our bodies. Just like medicine, it won’t do anything unless we take it. In the same way, the word of God must be read and must be contemplated and applied for a change in our lives. If you need encouragement, just read a few passages a day. During the early years of my Christian life, I used to write a verse on a 3 by 5 card and memorize it as I go on my day. I had to glance at it whenever I felt anxious or worried.



Journaling or a diary is where you record the events that took place that specific day. I was always fond of writing my thoughts down since I was a little girl. Through writing, is how I expressed my emotions well. If you have listened to my old podcast, the 7 Habits that I have developed to live a meaningful life Episode #47, I have talked about the importance of journaling. You should try it for yourself especially when you have a hard time expressing yourself to other people. Journaling is where I sort out any negative emotions I have or write my goals down. Journaling is where I can be truly honest with how I feel because it is for my eyes only. Furthermore, I don’t have to worry about grammatical errors. When you look at things in a hand-written form, you have a better understanding of why you act or think the way you do. There’s the magic that takes place in a written form.



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