As you have been visiting my site often, you might be wondering why my site has changed. Yes, I have deleted most of my older blog posts about fashion, food and beauty. After seeking and praying for clarity of what I want to focus this year. I have realized it is all about Him alone. You see, I have been running away from my true purpose. Like Jonah, the runaway prophet. I am not saying that I am a prophetess. But as far as I am concern, God have been speaking to me to follow and obey Him. I know that “obedience” doesn’t always come easy to me. I am stubborn and a strong willed child. But at the same time, I have been feeling restless in my spirit. I can’t seem to find satisfaction. I realized I am chasing vanity for what this world has to offer.

It’s Never About Me

As much as I hate to admit, but I have been living my life based on my wants. I have been chasing a dream that can dissipates into a thin air. Jesus made it clear that if we hang on with our lives, we will lose it, but if we are willing to lose our lives for the sake of His kingdom, we will find our lives. Many of us want to pursue worldly things that only have temporary satisfaction. Our flesh is never satisfied. As I have contemplated in my own life, I have been trying to chase some worldly pursuits that have no eternal value. And King Solomon is right, “all things on this earth are all vanity.” (paraphrase)


Confusion isn’t from God, but from the devil himself. Whenever you have a calling in your life that has been ordained from God. Confusion and distraction is most likely going to test your commitment. As I have been shutting down this nagging voice inside of me which is the voice of God, I have been trying to distract myself from doing things that God never told me to do so otherwise. I know he wanted me to start a blog and a Youtube channel to lift up His name and not my own. But I have learned the hard way. I was trying to build my own brand name in the world where my name will surely forgotten if I am gone today.

The Name Above All Names

However, there’s only one name that will stand forever. A name above all names, the name of Jesus is all that matters. There’s no other name that isn’t controversial. Even to this day, we are still discussing about what He did in the Calvary. But who is Glennavelle? No one seems to know or seems to care who I am. But my story matters. That’s where people would associate me or would remember me someday. It is through my testimony, not because of who I am but it is what the Lord had done for me.



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