I have been blessed that none of us gave up during tough times, we both fought for this marriage. They say, we aren’t there yet and we are still going to face some trials ahead. Nothing is a guarantee in life, but the key to staying married is commitment and never giving up.

We are blessed that we were able to gather together with our family at home. My husband and I woke up early and bought lobsters from the Asian Market where we got a good deal. I have also baked a whole chicken seasoned with salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder & dried oregano. Brushed the chicken with melted butter and drizzled with olive oil on both sides.

Then my husband, Junie, made the Pancit Malabon. The shrimp were sauteed with butter and seasoned with salt & pepper. Then he also cooked the squid separately with olive oil & salt & pepper. On top of that, he boiled the pork belly and chopped it into tiny pieces and set aside the broth for the noodles.

Cooked the noodles according to the instructions. The instructions on the noodles we’ve purchased aren’t accurate. It said to cooked the noodles for two minutes but we ended up cooking it more than that. Make sure the noodles aren’t too hard and taste it as you go. We first soaked it on hot water for a few minutes before cooking.

In making the sauce, we saute onions and garlic then place the pork belly mixing it all together. Then pour the broth in and stir well. Place the tinapa (it is a kind of fish) flakes. Let it simmer until the sauce thickens. You can go ahead and place the cooked noodles with sauce.

To assemble, put the topping on top of the noodles with (peeled) shrimp, sauteed squid, boiled eggs, chicharon (pork crumbs) & napa cabbage


Later that evening, my husband went on a date to a Kabob Grill. We were able to have some time to ourselves as my in-laws were here to babysit our son, Jaden. The night was young so we were able to drive around town and spent time together.

Marriage is sweet when you choose it to be. There will be no perfect marriage, but make the most of your time enjoying each other’s company and learned to compromise. Marriage is a give and take. Just like a plant, it has to be cultivated and nurtured for it to thrive and grow. It takes a mutual understanding, mutual respect, and love.

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