Hello, my beautiful friends! Welcome back to another podcast. This is #67. Wow, I can’t believe I’m onto #67. So, it’s been almost a year now that I have been podcasting. I am very proud of myself for sticking to this gig. I don’t know if you call it a gig, a hobby perhaps. I’m not sure. But normally, it’s not going to be a hobby towards a business because I’ve been monetizing this through a sponsor. Anyhow, this is your hostess. If you are new to this podcast, my heart is spoken for to love your life podcast. This is Glennavelle Manarang, welcome to this podcast! Today, I am going to talk about self-discipline.

How To Discipline Our Thoughts?

I believe our thoughts are just like a brat, a kid who wants to do what it wants to do. Unless we discipline our minds to tell the mind of ours, “no” you are not the boss. I am gonna tell you exactly what needs to be done today. I just watched my mind yesterday, which is Sunday. Most likely, we are supposed to have an off once a week which I picked Saturday. Saturday is one of those days that I just lounge around. Sometimes I would have my cleaning time or time with my son. Because it is the weekend, I try to spend time with my son playing and watching whatever is on youtube, funny videos. But yesterday was Sunday. Sunday is supposed to be our Sabbath day. I don’t know I just changed it to Saturday for some reason.

So instead of having a Sabbath day on Sunday, I’ve decided to have a rest day on Saturday. Sunday is where I have started to create Youtube content. But my mind said, “just stay on the couch, do nothing, don’t take a shower, you are allowed to just take another’s day off.”

But what happens if we don’t discipline our minds and just let it?

We are not going to be able to get things done. Because if we just let it sit and act like a kid. Because kids sometimes don’t want to do things that we’ve asked. So our brain has a tendency to be a brat who dictates us that we shouldn’t take a shower or you shouldn’t exercise because it’s so hard. You know what I’m talking about how our brain tells something contrary to what we need to do.

Take A Risk

But if we only allow our brain to dictate our every move and every decision that we have. Most likely, we are only going to end up having the same life, like yesterday. I think it was Albert Einstein that said, “You do the same things over and over again, and you expect a different result is an insanity.” (Paraphase) It’s insanity to do things over and over again and if you don’t see a result, it’s because perhaps we have to change our strategy. And sometimes if we are doing things that are not comfortable. When we do things that are out of our comfort zone such as starting a podcast, creating a Youtube channel, and blogging. These are not in my comfort zone. My old self would want to just hide. I don’t want to be heard and I don’t want to place myself in front of a camera. I don’t like to write a blog. I just rather do nothing because that’s my comfort zone. I don’t like to get out of my comfort zone because I wasn’t build to get out of my comfort zone.

Learned Habits

I was not taught to go on the other side and take a risk, and just live your life! I was not that kind of girl. I was always protected by putting parameters in front of me saying, “this is how far you can go, you can’t go any further, you can’t do this.” I was very built in this kind of environment where there was a lot of protection around me. Because I’m suddenly doing this out of my comfort zone, my brain goes frantic. Asking the questions, “what are you doing? why can’t you stay wherever you were at and stay at what you are good at staying at home and watch youtube channel instead of producing a podcast. Who do you think you are?”

Lead Your Brain

Our brain has its way to detract us from achieving the things we would like to achieve. It tells us that we are not capable. It tells us to just stay in your lane that is your comfort zone. It’s like pair of slippers that are comfortable to wear even though they are old, right, we don’t want to throw it away because it’s comfortable. Even if it’s broken, we can’t really wear it, and it’s time for us to throw it away. In the same way, we have to teach, discipline, and lead our brain of where we want our lives to go. Even if there are days that you don’t want to move, and there are days that you just want to sit on your couch and do nothing. But you tell the brain that it is “I” who will dictate. It is “I” who will govern. I am the boss even if you don’t feel like taking a shower today, even if you don’t feel like podcasting today. We have to do what we have to do to get things done.

Because as a child, when I tell my son to take a shower, but he doesn’t want to take a shower or he doesn’t want to brush his teeth. But we have to keep on badgering and reminding them so that they’ll eventually get into a habit of doing the same things over and over again. In the same way, this is how we train our brains.

Plan Ahead

We teach our brains to do what we ask them to do. This is why it’s important that we have a specific schedule every single day. I am a routine person, I have my routine every day. I am not one of those people who do things randomly, maybe sometimes. But most of the time, my week is not always the same. But my week is structured where I wake-up in the morning by taking it slowly. I don’t like to rush and I just sit on the couch where I just take my day slowly and gradually. This is how I approach my day, and it’s always been the same. I make my coffee or do some pilates or stretching depending on my mood that day. My day is not typically rushing out of bed.

Learn From Others

I watch something on Youtube to get some of my ideas and get some inspiration. This is how I get my inspiration from other people. As I’ve said before, we need to learn because this is how we grow. We learn from other people. I watched other Youtubers on how they do it. The angle of the camera, and how they talk in front of a camera, and how they deliver. As a creator myself, I am always learning. This is being a creator is we must keep on learning especially to those who have done it before. We learn from each other and I have learned a lot by observing others. I don’t call myself a teacher because I have probably done learning. I believe as a student we still have a lot to learn. I consider myself as a student where there are many things that I still need to learn and to discover.

Watch Your Thoughts

Awareness. We have to think what we have been thinking about.

Redirect Our Thoughts. As I’ve mentioned before, our brain has been programmed a certain way to think such as trying to question us if we do something out of our comfort zone and it has a tendency to protect us by staying where it is comfortable. Our brain wants to protect us by saying, “you are not used to doing this, what if you fail? what if it doesn’t work, and then what?” These are some of the dialogue that goes into our minds. Subconsciously this dialogue must be redirected into a new way of thinking by assuring our brain that “it’s okay even if you fail, at least you have tried.” Even if you have failed in this area, at least now you know it isn’t your strongest trait. But it is your time to find a different path or way to what you should do with your life. Unless you try something, how would you know if you propel or excel in this area if you haven’t ty? That’s one thing for me.

As a child, I was programmed to stay within my limitations and stay within the boundaries which told me, “you can’t pass through this because bad things might happen to you.” Which I was the opposite. Now that I am an adult, I have a choice to take a risk in life and to get out of my comfort zone because for me that’s living. Living is part of taking a risk. That’s how we should live our lives. Not to be afraid of trying things even if it’s not comfortable. We have to keep on striving for new things, new innovation, and new things we can create so that our lives are meaningful. We have to live our lives.

Shift Our Thoughts From Negative To Positive. Positive thoughts are excellent thoughts that “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Nothing is impossible with God. I have sometimes to declare them. Affirming that even if sometimes I doubt or fear. The naysayers or the haters saying, “well you know you are not going to be good at this, everybody’s doing this, it’s saturated already, it’s been done before.” So, you just have to refused to believe those negative dialogue that goes through your mind. That’s why it’s important to watch your thoughts. To redirect your thoughts. To discipline your thoughts. You tell your brain where you want it to go.

Programmed Your Thoughts. You have to tell your mind this how you wanted things to be done. Monday, Wednesdays & Fridays, we are going to do a podcast whether you like it or not. Weds. & Sats., we are going to produce content for Youtube whether you like it or not.

Commitment, dedication, self-discipline, and knowing your why I believe are going to keep you motivated. Because everybody’s passionate about something. I am a passionate person. I know that because I am an emotional person, I am a passionate person. We are so excited. The moment we create something. In the first few months, we are so excited like there’s an adrenaline rush. I can do this and I can take on this project. But what happens after the adrenaline rush? After the hype? What are we going to do?

What Happens When Our Passion Dissipates?

There will be days when we feel as though it just the same day. The same day podcasting, creating Youtube, the same day blogging. What is going to keep us going? I’m going to reiterate it once again:


These are the key ingredients to apply in our lives to keep us going. I know it is easier said than done. Because I am not this kind of person who is always discipline. I am not always motivated and I am not always committed. There are days that I want to quit and throw a towel saying, “this is so hard, I have no more ideas, I am done with this, I’d rather quit and do something else with my life.” But at the same time when I look back. What would my eighty-year-old self say to me someday if I just quit now?

I believe people who are successful in their business, they didn’t arrive at that place of success without going through hurdles and obstacles along the way. I believe they’ve remained dedicated, committed, and knowing their why. They’ve remained in that route by focusing on the prize. We have to focus on the prize by not getting side tracked by not going to the right nor to the left but fix your eyes on the prize.

My Whys?

For me one of the reasons why I do this, it isn’t just only about monetary gain. But it’s part of it. I am not going to lie to you. Financial freedom is what I want. I want to become my own boss. I want to be an entrepreneur where I will have my own schedule without a need for me to clock in or clock out for somebody else. At least, I have control over my time. This is part of the reason why I want to do this. Even if everybody’s doing it. Even if the market has been saturated and even if it’s hard.

Give My Son A Better Future. I don’t want him to be afraid to take a risk someday. I want to be a good example for my son. Someday, he will tell himself that my mom took a risk. I want him to see me not being afraid to take a risk. It is okay to fall along the way and make mistakes because that’s how we learn. We learn from our mistakes. Life is not always going to be perfect. There’s going to be storms and rainy seasons. It’s not always going to be sunny. I wish there always going to be rainbow and skittles all the time. But that’s just not how life works. There are going to be problems and obstacles along the way. As much as we are given this time, we have to redeem the time. That’s why I refuse to give up now. Even if there are days that I want to give up that my mind would tell me to quit now. It is hard and people have done it before. You are so late in the game. You are too old. All these excuses that my brain tells me. I refused to believe it.

If you are a person of faith. And if you believe Jesus walked on water. Guess what, you can do the same thing. Well, not literally. I am not asking you to walk on water, literally. But it’s by faith. Perhaps, we could do that. I mean who knows? I have not tried that yet. Remember, Jesus was walking on the water, and here comes Peter. I just love Peter. See, Peter of all the disciples. He was the only one who took the risk of walking on water. The rest of them stayed on the boat and nobody was willing to take the risk. None of the disciples asked Jesus if they could walk on water as Peter did. Peter was the only one who willingly took the risk. I believe, if not. I am just assuming and the things that went through the disciple’s mind were “here comes Peter, here comes the guy who likes to take a risk.” But at least Peter tried.

Have Faith

Whatever you do anything in life. You must have faith. Faith is also important to keep ongoing. The moment Peter loses sight and didn’t fix his eyes on Jesus, he started drowning. The same thing with us, if we don’t look at the price and focus on why we are doing this, we are going to start drowning. We are going to stop trying and give up. This is the only analogy that I can give you at the top of my head. The moment Peter gazed at Jesus it made him calm and it gave him clarity. But as soon as he took his eyes off Jesus and he started to see the storms of life. And he started to see the waves and the wind blew hard, Peter realized and asked the question, “What in the world am I doing, I am walking on water?” So, he started to drown.

In the same way in our lives, if we get caught up in the craziness and the noise of the world which I have experienced yesterday. I started to panic because people had visions of rapture and said that people are going to do these things to us. I don’t know. There are lots of noise out there. And if we don’t control our thoughts, and we don’t discipline our minds we are going to end up frantic. We are going to end up getting worried and stressed out. We can become like Peter, we are going to drown and lose sight of our goals and dreams in the first place. Because we are caught up in the noise and the turbulence of what’s happening around the world that we really don’t have control of.

The only person we have control of is ourselves. We have control of our lives, that is the only one we have control of. But the rest we can’t. Maybe I’m out of the tangent right now. That is all my friend. Thank you for your time, of your love and your support.



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