Every one of us has a calling or a gift that God had placed within us before we were born. Once you have out found why you are placed on this earth, you’ll soon discover that you are made for more. However, there will be some people that the enemy will use to talk you out of your God-given talent who will discourage you in pursuing your dream and your purpose.

The enemy will see you as a threat when he can sense that you will become a world changer one day. Just like in Moses’s day. Pharaoh was used by the enemy to kill the firstborn baby male because the enemy sensed that one day one of those babies will grow up and will be an instrument by God to set the Israelite’s free from slavery. Moses was that baby that his mother took a risk of keeping him inside the basket as Moses’ sister, Meriam watched him float on the river. Moses was spared because he is made for something greater than himself. That something was freeing the Jewish people from the hand of Pharaoh.

The enemy uses the person who is closest to you and will try to discourage you or question your calling. Are you familiar with this negative narrative saying, “It is hard, it can’t be done or asking youwho do you think you are to pursue this dream?” Maybe you haven’t encountered these kinds of belittling in your life or maybe you are the only person who is stopping you from achieving your God-given purpose. Once you have overcome your fear and your limitations, anything is possible!

Once you have overcome your fear and your limitations, anything is possible!

Glennavelle Manarang

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Let me encourage you today: Stay focus, know your why, stay motivated, and committed. With these traits, I know you can fulfill your dream no matter what others say. At the end of the day, it is up to you how you design your life. You are the only one who can make a change in your destiny, not others. I’ve learned that change must start within me to see a transformation taking place in my own life. I can no longer make an excuse for myself or let my upbringing or my gender, or race stop me. My ethnicity or my education got nothing to do with my life on how I can be the person that I wanted to be.

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