According to, a guilty pleasure is something such as a movie, television program, or piece of music that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard.

As a Christian, a woman who tries to follow the example of Jesus somehow became too legalistic for me. Not to say that Jesus was legalistic. As we read the Bible, He was in fact anti-legalism or anti-legalistic who warned his disciples to watch out for the Pharisees and the Sadducee also known as the “religious group of people” who followed a certain ritual or man-made regulations.

So why do other Christians put us back in bondage by creating a man-made rule?

Some have taken the word out of context. And some have misinterpreted the Bible based on their own opinion. They either exaggerate or have omitted the original word of God.

How do we determine from false v.s right teachings?

This is why we must be well-versed and familiar with the Bible and we must take the time to read it and understand it so that no one can sway and deceive us of such false teachings.

What is Grace?

Grace is how we are saved and it is not something we can add to our salvation. It is a gift from God. Grace is unmerited favor. We don’t earn it or deserve it. It is up to us if we are willing to accept God’s invitation to believe in His Son Jesus Christ or not.

The gospel is a story of redemption and God doesn’t force people to believe in Jesus because He gives us the free will to choose for ourselves. Hence, salvation is readily available to anyone who is willing to accept it.

women adorn themselves in modest apparel with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing but which is proper for women professing godliness with good works.”

1 Timothy 2:9-11

Translation of the verse above.

This verse isn’t saying that women are not allowed to wear jewelry or braid their hair for that matter. However, it is suggesting that it isn’t only our main concern to improve on our outside appearance, but also cultivate our inner beauty. It is all about staying in moderation which in short, less is more.

Guilty Pleasures In Life:

  • Make-up. I was introduced to make-up when I participated in Beauty Pageant growing up. In my late twenties was when I became curious about make-up applications.

Don’t Let Others Condemn You

I used to attend this one particular church who viewed make-up as a sin or God doesn’t approve of women who wear make-up. Due to my ignorance, I went home and threw my whole entire collection of make-up only to find out through searching the Bible, there’s nowhere in the Bible that says women aren’t supposed to wear make-up.

Queen Esther’s Beauty Preparation

In the first six months, she was drenched with myrrh oil and slather her body with it, to probably, make her skin smooth. Then another six months of beautification and bathed with perfumed. Talk about vanity, and how intensive for Esther to go through a process of beautification before she could finally meet King Ahasuerus.

  • Red wine. Some Christians view drinking wine as a sin. So they don’t condone their members drinking a glass of wine. However, Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine. Think about that?

In Moderation

And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;

Ephesians 5:18

  • Chocolates & Ice cream. I love chocolates. That is one of my weaknesses either it is chocolate cake or 100% pure cocoa dark chocolate. As long as it isn’t too bitter, I would indulge it until I am fully satisfied. Rocky road is my ultimate ice cream favorite out of many flavors you could offer. I love the combination of marshmallows and peanuts together. 
  • French Jazz and Classic pop music. Some of my favorite classic pop artists are Frank Sinatra, Michael Bubble, Nora Jones to name a few that move my soul and body. I know we are told not to listen to worldly music. As long as the music is wholesome and there’s no profanity in the lyrics. 

  • Making love or having sex, nude. – Ever since I gave birth to my son, I became too self-conscious about my weight specifically in my mid-section. Because of my disgust and insecurity about my weight, I had to hide under a blanket whenever I made love with my husband which he never truly understood why I would do that. Even if he tells me I look fine and there is no big deal for some reason I was not convinced.

Where did guilt & shame originate?

God asked Adam & Eve, “Who told you that you were naked?” -Read Genesi 3:11 The moment they have eaten the forbidden fruit, they became ashamed and felt guilty. We have an ongoing judgment that goes on in our minds telling us that, “we look fat, I am ugly, I am not attractive.”

Our accuser, the devil

The devil will taunt us with lies that we are not good enough. I am not suggesting that we shouldn’t take good care of ourselves or do whatever it takes to look good and to be healthy.


Self-acceptance is working towards your ideal weight with patience, love, and determination. Instead of beating ourselves up.

In Conclusion:

The whole gospel of Christ can be summed up with this, “to love God above all else and to use our liberty as an opportunity to love and serve one another.” Love is the greatest commandment of all and don’t let anyone else judge you or condemn you based on a man-made rule that isn’t written on the Bible. If you are wondering if what is a true definition of love then may I suggest read, 1 Corinthians 13:8-10.



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