I used to believe that happiness only happens when and if something grandeur takes place in my life. Only then that I have become a mother that I realized happiness can be found in the small events of life such as having fun with my son when he is goofing off and when I don’t take myself seriously that’s when happiness begins. If we only choose to focus on what’s now and make the most of it we can find happiness in the mundane of life.

Yes, I understand, life can be mundane as our days are composed with routines and old same schedule especially Covid-19 took place. We’ve become less mobile and we’ve been coop up in the same location for so long that we are feeling lonely or sad at times because we missed the things we used to do before. But you and I can choose to be happy now even if our situation may seem dim and uncertain.

Even my husband and I made this Elote corn, Mexican corn in the cob, I felt ease and a sense of joy. For the first time in my life, I feel content about where I am at. Not to say that I’ve achieved everything I wanted in life, but I wanted to appreciate what I have now, and not to focus on the things I don’t currently have.

Instead of eating corn on the cob plain, you can dress it up by adding mayo, Mexican cheese, and cayenne pepper, if you prefer to eat it spicy. My family fell in love with this simple recipe that’s easy to make.

Also in this video, I have shared the importance of our words. As a parent and a mother, we have the ability to bless or curse our children. I’ve seen a video from Youtube a few years ago where they’ve experimented with it on plants. The caretaker spoke words of love and positive words on one plant. On another plant where he only spoke about negative and demeaning words. What do you think happened? The one plant that was spoken with love, sprouted, and thrive. Unfortunately, the one plant that was spoken negative words into wilted and died. If our words have the same effect on plants how much more it has an impact on our children. Choose your words wisely. I know from time to time I struggle from this as well especially when my patience is tested by my son.

Words stab like a knife that will cut a human soul. Words never diminish from our memory even when I was a young girl, I still recall the hurtful words that were spoken to me that stabbed like a sword. We should make an effort as a mother, and as a parent to tell our sons and daughters, “I am proud of you, I love you, I believe in you.” They are just like a plant needed to be cultivated and nurtured.

They are just like a plant needed to be cultivated and nurtured.



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