What is the difference between those who have achieved their goals and those who haven’t achieve them? What do these individuals possess? When I was in the process of writing my book for the first time. I’ve developed four characteristics that helped me finish the book even when the days gets hard.

First of all, we must be willing to face our greatest fear in life in order for us to move forward and be willing to take a risk. Fear debilitates our ability to try anything in life. Doubt creeps in especially when it involves taking a risk.

So what are the keys to succeeding and accomplishing your goals in life? I am not saying, these are the only definite answers or solutions in achieving goals in life, but these had helped me finished my first book. I was ecstatic and couldn’t be prouder of myself when I hit published.

  1. Be consistent – Consistency is keeping a structured schedule throughout the day or in even a week to finish a goal. No matter how our lives get busy, even if you only have thirty minutes to spare, it makes all the difference when you continuously worked at it every day, the hours get adds up. When I wrote my book, I had to time myself for thirty minutes and I just write.
  2. Stay Committed – Like anything in life, before we see results it takes a long time. Success is a process. There is no such thing as an overnight success. You are eventually going to face some setbacks and encounter some people that will not support your goals, but don’t let these things stop you from achieving your goals.
  3. Be Patient with yourself – Patience is probably one of the hardest characters to develop. When I want something, I wanted it now. By writing this book, I had to do some research on how others did it and I had to educate myself on how the process of self-publishing goes.
  4. Know your Why? – By asking yourself an important question, why are you doing this in the first place? What is the motivation behind it? Is it for a good cause, monetary or you wanted to prove yourself to others that you can do it? Whatever it may be, knowing your why is crucial by not giving up on your goals. My why in writing my first book is to share my store in hopes to inspire those who have been victimized by sexual abuse that there is hope. In every adversity, there’s always some lessons that you can learn and you don’t have to remain a victim.

My book was finally published through KDP and Lulu Publishing with great effort despite of opposition.

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