Contentment defines as satisfaction or ease of mind. It is not forcing things to happen but rather enjoying the journey for where you are going. If something will happen, it will eventually happen. Living in contentment includes being grateful. We make the best of what we have instead of always wanting more and we take good care of what we have now.

Strive for excellence. The quality of being outstanding. Don’t do things out of mediocrity but being an excellent spirit by giving it all you’ve got and doing the best you know-how. However, refuse to becoming a perfectionist or being one because it isn’t the way to live your life. There’s a distinction from excellent to perfectionist. A perfectionist is highly critical of oneself or towards other people. It is someone who constantly degrades others by pointing out the negative in them and no matter what you do, you could never please them.

As I’ve ventured out this journey of starting a You tube channel, I have never realized that I am my worst enemy where I critique myself in such a high standard that if something is wrong with my make-up and how I talk, I would delete the video.

I have to overcome this debilitating attitude and allow myself to make mistakes and not beat myself up. A perfectionist can prevent us from truly achieving what we want for ourselves because we waste too much time tweaking and changing something isn’t realistic.

Aim for quality versus quantity. This realization came to me now that I am a mother. But when I was younger, I tend to purchase items like clothes that were cheap but in such poor quality. I thought having more items is better than owning less that consists of quality. To find out if the garment has a good quality is by looking at the material and the reviews of people especially when purchasing anything online.

Quality in Food

Choosing the right food consists of whole foods made of natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables. I know it is easier said than done. But if you and I would want to exhibit a healthy life then we must look at our food selection by avoiding eating too much-processed food.

Quality in Relationship

Developing a healthy relationship with our spouse and children must be intentional. Putting aside other things we must do on our lists by spending time playing a game or watching a movie with our family are one of the ways we can invest our time with them.

Children are not complicated as we think when it comes to needing something from us. They need emotional support, love and words of encouragement more than just the material things we provide.



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