Hello everyone! Welcome back to my podcast.  This is Glennavelle your hostess. Welcome to my heart is spoken for to love your life podcast# 66. So today is just out of anything but more than venting.  I guess I know that some of us really have been in this unprecedented time and unpredictable time.  Especially as a mother that we juggle so many tasks at hand which I always talked about this on this channel in how we deal with stress and worry and fear?

I know that we’re not done yet in this pandemic, covid-19 all over the world are still struggling. We are juggling especially as a stay-at-home mom and a stay home wife. Our sons or our daughters as well as our children are also at home with us and we have been cooped up in the same room for the last few days. We don’t really have a chance to go outside to just catch and take a breather. Because again our days have been really becoming hectic more and more especially. I applaud those women who have three children and still is capable of have sanity. As for me, though this is one of those days. I’m sure some of you might be able to relate that we do have one of those days where we have been triggered by our family members or a stress level is so high.

So what do we have to do in those moments when our children or our sons or daughters are giving us a hard time when they don’t listen and when they really pushed our buttons? What are we supposed to do? Sometimes I catch myself getting so tense both of my shoulders because that’s where I carry my stress, and I have a headache. I don’t know about you but my heart really beats fast when I’m mad and upset when my son refused to listen or refuse to do what I’ve asked. So, we really have been pushed to be patient in this time of crisis that we face. Every one of us has never had this kind of situation before. Well, I’ve never really experienced it before because I’ve been used that my son is in school from certain hours, and I have plenty of time for myself. But now that we are all in the same room in the same house for 5 days or 7 days a week and we barely have time to go outside.

Sometimes we feel like a prisoner in our own house. And that’s the thing that we finally realized how freedom is really valuable in a society where we can just able to go outside without getting afraid of getting contracted by this kind of disease (Covid-19). Social distancing and wearing a mask is one of those things that they’ve asked us to do. But again, we just have to do what we have to do to get everybody safe. So we just have to probably, I don’t know how long I still pray that we going to get over this situation. But until then, we are all in this together. Being here, I’m just doing the best that we can as a mother, as a wife to serve our children, to serve our husbands or our spouses as well as taking good care of ourselves. Because ladies we have to take good care of ourselves. I just want to remind you that do not feel guilty to sometimes you need to stay away from any obligations that you may have.

Time Management

Schedule time I guess time management is really the key to keeping things in order. I’ve always talked about time management. Scheduling on your calendars how you can manage a task and delegate some of the tasks on what you cannot do today you can push it again for the following day. Like this morning I got overwhelmed by the to-do list I have. All the things that go through my mind. I’m such a goal-getter person. I like to get things done as I’ve told you before I have a tendency to be impatient whatever I ask I need it now. I have the personality of a type-A personality. But at the same time, I just allow myself to have grace. And push other things that I have to get done on other days I don’t need to really get this thing done today. Just wait a minute my alarm just went off. I’m cooking and at the same time, I’m podcasting. So, I’ll be right back.

I’m sorry about that! See, this is how you do it! You multi-task as a woman. While podcasting, your heating food up, just put a timer so that you are not going to burn up the food that you have on the stove. So this is what you just have to do, as a woman, a business-woman, a wife, and a mother. I really think that women have a way of being a multi-tasker. We can juggle five things at once which is a beautiful thing about being a woman. We have the laundry going, we can cook and podcast at the same time. I don’t normally edit my podcast. However you listen to my podcast, this is what you’ll hear, and this is how it is.

To get this edge out of me by being a perfectionist out of the way. I don’t need to be perfect. Sometimes, I look at myself, and asked the question, what’s the point of being perfect? Because really, no one is perfect! If I make mistakes, I make mistakes. So, that’s how my life is.

So, How Do We Deal With Stress?

Delegate. If you do not have the time like today, I was about to do laundry. But I said, this can wait, I will do it tomorrow because there are more things that I have been pushing aside like I have to update my blog. I have to produce a podcast. What I do is I plan ahead. Because I try to produce a podcast three times a week. And if I don’t do this ahead of time, and if I put all it together at once, it gets too much. So, what I’ll do is try to plan ahead of my schedule so that I don’t get rattled or because the deadline is almost here. This is how important time management really is.

Organize. I just printed out this calendar for the month of October, November, and December so that I can plan ahead. I can have this batching of podcasts and producing this content of videos for my Youtube channel which is Wednesdays. & Saturdays. How much stress that goes on into creating content. Also, keeping up with your household and keeping up with your son’s or daughter’s needs. I don’t have a daughter, I only have a son. This is why I applaud those women who can do it all and can have it all with sanity still. I only have a son, yet sometimes I catch myself getting frazzled and have all this stress level. Today, I just have to learn to stop.

Pray. As you have known and have been following me. We just have to connect to our spiritual needs. Maybe that’s how God is trying to tell us something that we need to put aside a schedule for Him alone so that He is going to give us peace that surpasses all understanding. Because Jesus said, “Come to me all of you who are weary and heavily laden.” He will give us rest for his yoke is easy and his burden is light.

Worship and Sing Praises To God. The moment I did that. I felt this burden lifted off my shoulder. As if, okay. I give every struggle, every worry, and every fear that I am carrying on my shoulder and in my head.

Dig Deeper. Ask the question, why do you worry? Why do you feel this way? Let me tell you something. I am not a person who loves to watch any mystery, all of those things that can really trigger my emotions. Sad to say. Of course, I need to be aware of what’s going on around me. For some reason, yesterday, I wasted. Not really wasted my time. But I consume so much of my time watching this documentary about the Watts family getting murdered. The two daughters and the wife and unborn child in her. I was hooked with that, and I have consumed most of my energy watching it.

Unbeknownst to me, it affected me greatly. Because last night, I had trouble sleeping. I was trying to wrap my mind around the situation and this tragedy that this family had endured. Of course, my brain went into fear, negative dialogue saying, “Oh my Gosh, what if this will happen to one of my family members or even to me?” How our brain sometimes, if we do not direct it into positive thoughts. It will just give us this negative dialogue. This what happened to me and it affected me greatly. And today, I became frantic that I lose my sense of peace. And I had to ask the question, where did this feeling originate? How did it start?

This is why it is important to look deeper and ask the question, what is happening internally?

We can not just look on the outside and pretend like nothing is going on internally. When I’ve discovered and wrote in down on a notebook, I have finally realized this why I felt this way because of the negative energy that I have received by watching this documentary. This is why it is important we choose what we consume. I’ve told you this before, we have to be careful what we watch. We have to be careful how we’ve spent our time on television, on social media or in Youtube channel. Whatever we watch can affect and will have an impact in us. For me, this is how function. I do not know what it is. This is why I can not watch any murder shows or any gory stuff because I have a tendency to remember the episodes from what I’ve watched. It will stay in my mind for a while. This is something that I have been struggling with. This is why I refuse to watch something that can trigger my emotions that gives me any negative dialogue that I am going to end up being afraid.

Fear Debilitates

Fear debilitates our ability to have peace of mind. Remember that, fear is the opposite of faith. When you function in fear, you don’t have faith. This is one thing that God reminded me today, to have hope and faith. Faith again is the substance of things we hope for, the evidence of things that are not seen. This is how faith operates without getting afraid. Of course, there are different kinds of fear. Fear of height and the fear of failures. But this fear is something deeper. This fear that I felt was something to do about my thoughts. Something that my mind was telling me that maybe it’s going to happen to me or one of my family members. How our brain is messed up if we don’t govern it, and if we don’t direct it to a path of equilibrium by telling it that it’s not going to happened to me. Because I refused to believe that it will. This is why however we feel, it always starts from our brain. It starts in our thoughts. Our thoughts govern our emotions. Our emotions govern our behavior.

This is why I had to tell myself this morning to just sit down and took a deep breath. And ask the question, what is happening to me. I do talk to myself and have a pep talk. You can not depend on other people to cheer you up or answers the questions you have going on inside of you. Because no one is going to understand you more than yourself. No one is going to be able to feel what you feel. Only you yourself has the ability to feel what you feel or has the ability to figure out what is going on in your mind. No one can make you feel the way you do. No one knows exactly how you feel, and what you are feeling about. No one can get into your brain and analyze you. Only you have that ability.



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