Live one day at a time focusing on what is in front of you by celebrating each moment with your love ones.

Chaos and various calamities have already existed throughout history. Just by watching some media outlets either on television or Youtube, there’s an ongoing theme that pushes fear. If we let these fears take control of our thoughts, it can wreak havoc with our inner peace of mind.

Where do you turn to when the world seems like it is out of control?

Perhaps, some of you drown your sorrows with drugs, alcohol, or any kind of addiction hoping it can help you alleviate your worry or trouble. But, there is only one man who I call the Prince of Peace and His name is Jesus.  Jesus said, in this life, it is guaranteed that we will face tribulation, but we can choose to rejoice for He has overcome the world. 

So how does a classy and elegant woman live in this chaotic world?

I resort to the Bible whenever my mind tends to panic or worry about the future. By fretting over a situation that we can’t control over is a waste of time and energy. We have a choice to ponder on the promises of God by living in faith and not by sight.

Steps to live with class and elegance in this dire world:

  1. Pray – This gives a sense of peace of mind and heart when I communicate and tell God my burdens.
  2. Live in the moment. Jesus told us that today’s problem is sufficient enough. We can choose to live life one day at a time and not really worry about tomorrow. 
  3. Focus on something positive. Occupy your mind by reading a book, listening to calming music, taking a long bath, and spending time with your children, or make love. 
  4. Laugh – Laughter is a medicine to our hearts. My son and I love watching funny videos to lighten up our mood.
  5. Don’t worry but have faith. The just live by faith. If you know that you have eternal salvation through Jesus then there’s nothing for you to worry about, no matter what life may throw at us, He promised us that He will never leave us nor forsake us. He remains faithful even if we are faithless. 
  6. Encourage Someone Else – Sometimes when we focus less on the world and ourselves and reach out to someone in our family or friends who are going through some tough times, we can lend a listening ear or just simply call them by asking how they are doing. I will tell you that this year, my family has been through a lot of craziness. There were many struggles my siblings faced that I am not going to get into detail here, but all I can do is to pray for them and just listen and send them words of encouragement. 
  7. Just start. If you have been contemplating starting a hobby or creating your heart desire to be, just do it. Now is the time, redeem the time may it be sharing the word of God or learning a language. Don’t wait for the perfect moment. 

We may never know what tomorrow bring, but I encourage you to live one day at a time focusing on what is in front of you by celebrating each moment with your love ones. 



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