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Developing a nighttime skincare routine is essential to slow the process of aging. The younger you start, the better. This rule has embedded in my mind since my mom told me as a young girl to never go to bed with your make-up on. No matter how tired you may get, you must always remove your make-up. Of course, as a young girl, I never did a five to six-step process I only used soap & water and I was off to bed. Nowadays, I incorporate many processes.



I normally use the Garnier micellar to remove my make-up using a cotton ball. I work around my face & down to my neck.


Then I wash my face using either the Cetaphil facial cleanser or the recent product I purchase Neogen. I normally switch these two products between night and day cleansers.


After I apply my toner, I then wipe my face with a towel. Try not to rub your face and wipe it as gently as possible.


I apply a toner. I am currently using Bonajour. These contain green tea extract and hyarolunic acid that are soothing on your skin. I am prone to have sensitive skin so I try to use a product that is gentle.


The next one I do after I apply my toner is to let it sit for a while until it dries out. I either wait or fan it out using my hand. By doing this, you are giving a chance to absorb the ingredients onto your skin. Then I’ll apply my nighttime cream, right now I am using the N7 nighttime cream that helps to firm your neck.


Lastly, I have been using olive oil or coconut oil on my skin to lock in all the nutrients I just applied to my face. I normally massage it all around my temple, face, and neck area. Make sure to massage going upwards and not down. Gravity is already pulling us so we don’t need to do so with our skin.

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