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Let’s talk about wearing make-up! I wore make-up at a very young age as I always participated in a Beauty contest. It was a thing where I grew up. I remembered I had my make-up done by a professional make-up artist or by my mom. But I’ve never really paid much attention to “how to do make-up.” I was young & naïve & didn’t care much about make-up back then. Until I migrated to the U.S. That’s when I’ve discovered my love for cosmetics. I was already in college when I’ve finally paid attention and got interested in wearing make-up. I would go to a Macy’s counter and just get a free one done, and I felt like a celebrity whenever I was out there.


With this look, I used the Clarins foundation in Ivory (#103). This foundation matches my natural skin tone. Unlike some other foundations I’ve tried before, they don’t achieve that exact match on my skin tone. They either turned out to be a shade darker or a shade lighter. But this color is a perfect match for me. I then use a beauty blender. Make sure to dampen it with water before you blend it all in to get that flawless look.


After I’ve added my foundation, I have applied the Elf concealer. What I love about Elf is that they are vegan, animal cruelty-free & affordable. As much as I love wearing make-up, keep in mind, however; that taking good care of your skin is the most important part. I believe in developing a skincare regimen to attain flawless skin. Make-up is just a way to accentuate your look and define your beautiful features such as your eyes, eyebrows, and lips.

In this photo, I have played around with my look & added a darker color on my eyelids to achieve a smoky eye. I used the Elf eyeshadow that has a different palette of colors to choose from. First, I applied the cream color all over my lids. Followed by a pinkish color. To get the smoky effect I added the dark green on my lower eyelids. Finally, I added another color of magenta on both sides of my deep crease, the outer corner. Make sure to blend it well together by using an Elf brush or any brush you may have.

To appear my eyes even bolder. I applied mascara and the Almay eyeliner pencil. I also used the Formula Physicians bronzer to give my look more depth. To set my make-up in place, I applied the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finish powder. Finally, don’t forget the lipstick! I am using the Clarins rouge lipstick with Lorac lipgloss.



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