The joy of living or French would say, “joie the devivre.” This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it! In everything, we must do unto the Lord whether eating or drinking or doing anything mundane chores at home.

Life consists of routines and habits. When you live your life with no direction and no structure, most likely you will become more stressed and live life with the disorder.

I want to be able to direct my day and plan ahead to what I am going to do the following day otherwise, if I am not intentional and I have no specific plan, I would end up wasting my day.

Mornings are my favorite. When I open the shutters, I peek outside my window and gaze at the sky. I am in awe that God’s creation declares His glory. The sun that magnifies His light and beauty. The birds that chirp to sing praises. 

Find Joy In Simple Things In Life:

  • The Art of Homemaking can be mundane and tedious. But if you find joy in doing your daily chores with enjoyment and do it for God instead of men. Whatever you find your hand to do, do it wholeheartedly. Just imagine if you are being graded by God at every task that is given to you each day.

How likely are you going to show up and perform on that specific task that God has entrusted to you?

Would you be embarrassed or proud that you have only given your second best, a mediocre job, or are you going to say, “I did my best and I give my best.” Therefore, I am proud of my accomplishments. 

  • Being appreciative of your space and surroundings. Keep your space tidy and organized. We dream about having a bigger house and a better place but take good care of what you have now.
How is God going to promote you to a better place when He needs to know you can’t be depended on to what you currently have right now?

Make the most of what you are given today, and start being grateful instead of complaining and wishing for a better and bigger place.

  • Enjoy the moment by seizing the day or “carpe diem” by being present to what is in front of you by taking the time to eat and savor your food. Mindful eating is being able to enjoy your food and detect the flavor and the spices on your food.

Why do we treat eating as a task or another obligation to do on your to-do lists?

Treat eating a meal as a celebration not just an obligation. 



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