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Lately, I have been contemplating about my Core Values or Philosophy in life. Philosophy is defined as “an attitude held by a person or organization that acts as a guiding principle for behavior.”

So, what are your philosophy?

Philosophy is a rule that you adhere to. It is a built-in indication of what truly matters to you in life. For instance, when you are working for an organization or company, there are certain rules in that corporation you must follow. And vice versa, we have certain standards we abide by. Each one of us can determine a different set of rules to abide by to however you want to live your life. Depending on what’s important to you. Your philosophy or core values might differ from mine, and that’s alright.

Core Values is

a principle we live by, or

our mission in life.


My Core Values:

#1 Relationships

Relationships are the most important aspects of our lives. How we treat people, our family, our friends & strangers, in general, is crucially important on how we are going to do well in life. Relationships are not only based on taking but also on giving. It is about a reciprocal relationship. It’s a mutual relationship, mutual respect with one another. It is how you treat others with love & kindness.

Do unto others as

you would like others

do unto you.

Golden Rule

Relationships With Our Family

Relationships with our family consist of spending quality time with them no matter how hectic our schedule is. It is setting aside for them on purpose by loving and treating them well. One of the ways I spent my day with my family is by playing cards, watching movies & just goof around. This takes an edge off when you have fun & laugh with them. You don’t need to spend on lavish vacations when you can create a fun environment with your family inside your home. It is about being present & available for them especially with your children.

Relationship With Yourself

Improving our relationships with ourselves is crucial. We must learn to accept who we are with all the imperfections we may have. It is about willing to work on our issues and stop looking for other people to feel loved or to feel valuable. It starts within. Work on yourself. Be aware of the affirmations that originate in your thoughts and the words you say about yourself. I have been practicing daily affirmations by simply telling myself “I love you, I am proud of you.” If you make a mistake, let it go, forgive yourself & move on. We must be willing to hold our hands whenever we fall and make mistakes and not beat ourselves up.

Self-exploration leads to knowing who you are. This eliminates emulating others. By doing so, you will just show up in your own unique way into the world the way God created you to be. You don’t need to compete with others nor compare yourself because you are created differently from the rest. You are uniquely different & beautiful!

#2 Finance/Money

How do you define wealth?

I used to think of lack and scarcity, and not having enough. But I’ve realized, the more I ponder on the things that I don’t have, the more I became sad and depressed about my life in comparison to others.

Be anxious for nothing but
in everything by prayer,
supplication with thanksgiving
let your requests be made to God.
Philippiasn 4:6

The key to unlocking financial abundance are: prayer, gratitude & letting your requests made known to God. Learn to count your blessings and focus on what you currently have in front of you. The life we have, the air we breathe, the sun that comes out in the morning without us trying, the clothes in your back, shelter, the food on your table, and your family that is alive & well. Instead of focusing and complaining about the things that you don’t have start being grateful for what you have right now. Jesus said, “if you are faithful in the small things, greater things will be added unto you.”

How do you think God is going to bless you with more when you can’t even appreciate what is in front of you?

Little things in life count! Have a gratitude journal and really thank God for all the blessings He has provided for you. You’ll be surprised how much there is to be truly thankful for if you just learn to look. Learn to consider needs vs. wants before purchasing an item. I know this is by far hard to do especially when we see items that are on sale. I used to be a shopaholic back when I was going to college part-time & working full-time.

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#3 Live Life With A Little Bit Of Mystery

French has this phrase, “pour vivre heureux vivons caches.” It means “to live happy, live hidden.” In this generation where we constantly post and share everything on social media, but somehow we lose sight of keeping our lives private. We all desire to be the front and center. However, we lost the real connection between ourselves and others. We consume hours upon hours thinking about what to post and we beat ourselves up when we don’t get likes. We somehow got addicted to the world’s validation of our existence.

Not to say you can’t use the social media platform to promote your business, but I am referring to those people who post their personal problems and share their woos & qualms about their marital issues on Facebook wall. Don’t get me wrong, we all have problems including myself and I am not being insensitive to these people’s personal issues. However, posting their issues on a Facebook wall can’t solve their dilemma. No one can fix your problems for you except yourself. I have learned this the hard way where I had to call my sisters, my mom & my girlfriends and tell them about my marital issues. However, at the end of the day, it was still my decision on how I wanted to settle my issues with my husband.

#4 Learning

Learning is growing. Learning cultivates our brain and improves our mental alertness. According to vault.com, “learning keeps your mind engaged and body active. It helps you gain new experiences, trains your brain to handle a wide range of challenges, keeps your neural pathways active.” There are a plethora of subjects to learn from. You can learn about cooking, gardening, a new language, etc. The sky is the limit really. Just find out what you are passionate about and interested in learning. I believe the moment we stop learning is the moment we grow dull and old. Recently, I have taught my son to plant tomato & bell pepper seeds in a pot outside our patio. I wanted to teach him how food grows. We are learning together how growing a plant takes time. At least he has an understanding that vegetables and fruits didn’t just appear magically out of a thin air, but it has to be planted in soil.

#5 Organizing & Keeping Your Place Tidy

There’s something about coming to a place when it’s tidy and organized. One of my hobbies is organizing and rearranging furniture. I like to create a warm & welcoming haven into my tiny abode that I share with my husband and my son. I once heard this phrase that states, “a cluttered space is a cluttered mind.” And I absolutely agree, when my space is full of clutter, I can’t think straight. So as much as it’s possible, I like to keep my place neat & organized. Eliminating unused items can declutter your space. I have a policy that I live by, that is, donating anything I no longer use. As the saying goes, “another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

#6 Time Management

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We do not manage time,

we manage activities within time.

Benjamin Kelvin Clive

How many of us waste our time away

over things that are inconsequential?

I know I have many times before. However, if we ever wanted to accomplish in our to-do lists we must learn to manage our time wisely. Each one of us is given twenty-four hours a day. Yet not all of us aren’t wise enough to use it. I’m not saying, we shouldn’t have time for relaxing and winding down, but make sure that’s not the entirety of your day. You can still watch something that brings value that taps into your creative side. This is why I am an advocate of writing down my to-do lists. If I haven’t done all my to-do lists in one day then, I would delegate it the next day. I also have created a weekly schedule to keep myself accountable for what needs to be done such as doing the laundry, cleaning the toilet, recording a podcast, and etc.

#7 Don’t Be Afraid To Try & Make Mistakes

One of the tragedies in life is to live without risks because of the fear of failure. Failure is a barometer of your strengths and weakness. The moment you stop trying is a sign of failure. Life is too short and too precious to never try anything you’ve always wanted to try. I have suffered greatly from being a perfectionist and waited for the right time to start. However, a perfect time may never come, so don’t wait. Just start now and take a risk! This great quote I once heard from a coach name Tonya Leigh says, “start before you are ready.” It’s never too late to start anything in life. It’s like learning how to ride a bike for the first time, the more you practice you’ll get better eventually. But you don’t quit halfway.

So, these are my core values in life that you may want to incorporate or apply into your life. It’s only a mere suggestion. To each has its own priorities and beliefs. Make sure, you take the time to reflect and know your core values. In so doing will determine your priorities in life.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Greatness then is not an act, but a habit”

– Will Durant



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