If your child has made poor choices, don’t berate yourself and stop praying. Keep communication lines open with your child continue interceding for him or her, and declare God’s Word. Instead of giving up, resolve to be even more committed to prayer. Pray with other believers. Stand strong and say, “I’ve only begun to fight,” keeping in mind that your part of the fight is top ray. God actually fights the battle. Remember, too, that your fight is not with your child, it’s with the Devil. He is your enemy, not your child. Stand strong in prayer until you see a break-through in your child’s life.

One of the most encouraging scriptures I have read with regard to such perseverance is when David said, “I have pursued my enemies and overtaken them; neither did I turn back again till they were destroyed. I have wounded them so that they could not rise; they have fallen under my feet. For you have armed me with strength for the battle.” (Psalm 18:37-39 NKJV). He didn’t stop until the job was done, and neither should we. Above all, don’t let any disappointment over unanswered prayer cause you to stop praying.”

Stormie Omartian

Therefore, if you are a mother, and you have been suffering from a child. Teenagers, any children you may have who went astray and gone away from the path of righteousness, and you have been praying with the same problems. I myself need to hear this message from the Lord that we can not give up now. For we do not wrestle against blood and flesh, but our spiritual warfare is in the heavenly places, the unseen world that we do not see.

Be Persistent

Even myself, to this day, I have been crying out and have been praying the same prayers to God to heal my son with his eczema. And I just want to give you a little bit of background when it happened. After my son was born in 2013, a few months later, I’ve recognized that he developed redness on his cheeks, on his head, and around his arms. So we went to the doctor and he was diagnosed with eczema. Until to this day, we still are going through this suffering with my son. I have been praying to God and God has not heard my prayer yet. But I still intercede on behalf of my son.

The Questions

There were days, and many sleepless nights that I would cry out to God and went into my car, and screamed at God. I’ve asked Him why did you allow my son to suffer instead of me? Why did you give it to him instead of me? I know that if you are a mother, the last thing we want to see in our sons and daughters to suffer. But at the end of the day, God has a purpose for everything. Whether we agree to His purpose or not. Whether we don’t understand why He allows bad things to happen in our lives. I know we want an easy life and we don’t want to encounter problems. I know each one of us suffers. It may be different for you. But I know you are struggling with something right now. Because life isn’t perfect. I wish life is always rainbows, skittles, and always sunny days.

Seasons of Life

But unfortunately, there are four seasons in our lifetime. We will be going through Winter, Fall, Spring & Summer, and so in our lives is the same way. We will go through different storms, stormy gales. And we will also see a rainbow after the storm. And that’s just what life is. Again, I will always encourage you that we can not give up the fight. We can always ask God to intercede on our knees even if our prayers are not answered yet.

Be Careful What You Pray For

Whenever I asked God why He allowed this to happen, the same answered I get saying, “I am testing your patience, I am building your character that through your son’s suffering, you’ll become a better, stronger, and patient person.” I know that if you have previously listened to my older podcast I’ve said that God said to me, “Remember that time when you have asked me for patience.” This is why be careful what you have prayed for, you might get it. Be careful what you have asked for that you will end up being granted what you wish for, from heaven above. This is what God told me when I was crying and throwing a fit inside the car that night. When I was crying out to God asking him why would you give me this problem? Why would you allow my son to suffer? That was the answer I have received.

How To Recognize God’s Voice?

Elijah said, God is not in the storm, he is not in the wind, but God speaks in the still small voice. If you want to hear God’s voice, he speaks in the still small voice. And He is going to speak. Some people claimed that God is dead and he no longer speaks today, but it’s false. Because I have experienced God time and time again who had spoken to me. He speaks to your conscience as a still small voice not audibly though. I really don’t know how to accurately explain it to you how God speaks. But God speaks. When Elijah was looking for God.

“God is not in the storm. He is not in the wind, but He speaks in the still small voice.”


Silence & Reading God’s Word

There are times we have to be silent before God, and we have to be quiet in His presence so that we can hear Him speak. Because most of the time, we want to speak, and we want to talk. We want to say something. But a conversation is a two-way streak. You can not always talk and talk and not allow yourself to listen. Communication takes about listening and speaking skills. Of course, I’m guilty as charged because I love to talk. I love to tell God my problems, and I sometimes don’t listen. This is what my problem is. Sometimes, God speaks to us in our dreams, and on His word. He tells us exactly what he thinks when we open our bible and when we read His word every day. He is actually going to tells us exactly what we need. And so, that’s just one of the reminders that we have, to have perseverance in terms of prayer.

The bible says, "knock and the door will be open, seek you will find, you have not received because you have not asked." 

How Does God Answers Prayer?

There are three ways God answers prayers. Sometimes, He says, “Yes, No & Wait.” Waiting is the hardest answer we could ever receive alongside with no. Sometimes the no answers are the best answers from God because He wants the best for our lives. He knows the ending, and he knows the story of what’s going to happen. I will give you an example when I used to date this man for so many years, and I was asking God why would he wanted me to close the door because I thought I was in love with this man. I thought he was the one for me, but time and time again God would always prompt me to close that door, and said, ” that is not the man that I have in mind for you to marry.” It took me a long time to obey and it ended up a disaster. When I disobeyed God, it became an abusive relationship, and it was the most detrimental relationship that I ever experienced in my life. Because I refused to listen to God because I wanted it my way. But when I have finally realized, I’ve closed the door. Until you’ve obeyed and closed the door, God wouldn’t open a new door for you to walk in.

Obey God

That’s why it’s important the no answers are the best ones from God. Because He is trying to protect us from making the greatest mistakes of our lives. Looking back, I thank God for the “no” answers. Because if it wasn’t for the no answers I wouldn’t have a beautiful family now. And I wouldn’t be married of course not to a perfect man but at least with a man to whom I can be myself. I can be myself around him. Even if we are different. Opposite attracts, but at least I can act like myself. Unlike the one I’ve dated for many years, I wasn’t myself as if I was walking on an eggshell. I could not be the best version of myself. I was controlled and manipulated. That was the kind of person I was until I married my husband. I went on a different path. I am blessed now, and we have been blessed with a beautiful son. Now, you see the point of why God sometimes would say no. Because He wants what’s best for you.

Trust God

He knows your story will have a nice ending if you just allow Him to just follow His way and not your way. Even if we may not understand why He would say no. And when you will understand God’s way, He makes sure that He has always the best thing in mind. He will not give you a mediocre, He will always give you the best plan in life. And He thinks what’s best for us, may not be the best in our minds because God’s ways are higher than our own ways. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. He knows exactly what’s the best plan for our lives. And we just have to trust Him.

Don’t Stop Praying

We just have to be willing to accept those three answers. If you have been praying the same prayer, and God has not heard you yet, again you have to be persistent. Like the persistent widow. If you read your bible. Again, the persistent widow, who kept on showing up at the judge to give her the trial and help her with the trial. She was very persistent. The persistent widow got her answered because she kept on showing up, badgering the judge over and over again. Finally, the judge gave in to her request and she got her answer. In the same way with us, we must also be like the widow who was very persistent crying out to God. Even if we have been praying the same prayer for many years as if God has not heard us. I guarantee you, God hears and He listens.

Sometimes, God’s timing are not our timing. His ways are not our ways. His timetable is not the same timetable we have on earth. God is not bound by time nor by place. So God is the beginning and the end. He knows exactly what’s best for us.

In Lamentations 2:19, "Arise, cry out in the night. In the beginning of the watches, pour out thine heart like water before the face of the Lord. Lift up thy hands toward him for thy life of thy young children that faint for hunger from the top of every street."

Our weapon is through prayer and intercession for our children and for our loved ones. That’s where we fight our battles again on our knees. So, when the answers don’t come yet, don’t give up! Don’t give up! Do not quit interceding for your loved ones. God sees, He knows and He hears. Sometimes, He delays answering our prayers because he has purpose for everything.

Child-Parent Relationship

Sometimes He says, “No” because He wants the best for your life. Of course, the answers we want to hear are “yeses.” But that’s not how God answers all the time. As a parent, and if you are a parent. If your child asks you something and when you know in your heart is not best for your sons or daughters you are not going to say yes to them all the time. Because you know in your heart of hearts when you say yes it might end up be the bad things for their lives. In the same way, in God’s eyes even if you want him to answer yes and He knows it’s not for the best plan for our lives. He would ultimately say, “NO.” And that is the best answer that we will ever want to hear even if we don’t understand it at that moment.

I hope I make sense to you today. Until next time. Thank you for your time.



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